Is this purple?

by Mseethal

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released December 16, 2016

Just me fam.



all rights reserved


Mseethal Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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Track Name: Bad Internet Rapper
Bad Internet Rapper
You sit down to pee, well I stand up to shit
Absurdly intrepid, interpret it as you with
Take a gravity dump off the side of a cliff
Show the meaning of demeaning when it land on your tits

The antithesis of a hypocrite, throwing a hissy fit
Ripping it, sticking it, ‘till my skin starts glistening
I’ll blow your fucking building up with the air condition
I’m Tyler fucking Durgon with this nitroglycerine

I don’t mean to be rude, really trying not to rush this
But the left side of my brain is trying to streamline the process
Your application was accepted, step into my office
Eradication of rejection, maximize profits

If you’re still unfamiliar and don’t know what to call this,
Probably should go get a job, cunt, cut your losses
Dude with a mic and computer who don’t want no boss bitch
But Michael might go settle right down for a boss bitch

Come with me, ignore all the laughter
I can show you how to be a bad internet rapper
Ain’t no other way to make yourself look stupid faster
Believe me ‘cause I am the master

Let me take the time to send a letter to my future self
Saying if you gave up, go and fucking kill yourself
And go to hell, get chewed up inside Satan’s mouth
‘till you run out of flavor swallowed and shit back out.

Maybe I’m 3/5ths a rapper, and 2/5ths a faggot
Maybe 6/5ths improper and a quick fifth from illmatic
A savage who’s average reddish radish was discarded
On the ground cause everybody round him think he’s retarded

A white cisgender who might dismember, remember
Sucking off your skin like a white meat tender
Cause I was starving regarding the jarring jargon alarming
The party starring another charming skinny blond Cartmin

Original formula, refrigerate corneas
Your eyes are frozen on me, simple euphoria
Can I come on tour with ya, we can be road worriors
I’ll conform to all the norms to be victorious


There’s three things in life that I just can’t take
The release of a mind from the thoughts it can’t shake
And a full of sas wife who forgot to get laid
And a middle class white kid who’s fundamentally fake

You an unsigned nobody c’mon boy defend it
I prefer underground prodigy independent
Ain’t nobody listening so might as well send it
You’re in deep now boy don’t get repentant

And Michael’s getting tired of doing everybody’s drugs
So I’m coming in now and killing everybody’s buzz
I will sit in my room and reject everybody’s love
Cause Ain’t nobody gonna love me until everybody does

You only get older, don’t look over your shoulder
Double down get bolder, onward solider
Show ‘em that you’re over all the bullshit closure
And every time you fail you just get one step closer.

So if you ever thought that you were special
Skip down to the store and get yourself a meddle
Ain’t no easy way to say this so I’ll put it in a haiku
There’s a million mother fuckers who are just like you.
Track Name: Floppy

Slow percession in one direction
Song sounds like shit, can’t figure out compression
Ah! Use disgression
When moving through the stupid views of all the fucking losers guessing

Yea, I got my fucking muse undressing
Fuck the blessing I am hungry and I’m tired of resting
So pass the dressing, douse the morpheme’s with morphine
Collecting dopey dusted daft disgusting noch endorphins

And this anorexic Mexican
Just taught this boy a lesson about depression But I’m still caressing,
Poking and testing, I understand you’re sad but enough protesting
My erection don’t be mad but I’m your first and you’re my second.

And though no es la primera
Tu estas lastimera, If you backin’ out I swear I’ll
Fucking kill you, then I’ll drill you and get it all on camera
So lick my fat banana, then get the fuck afuera

Another plastic chorus has come before us
With no intention other than to bore us, so gorgeous
Get in my Taurus do a tours ‘round a tyrannosaurus
And after that I’ll take you back to do hand stuff in the forest

Where’s my thesaurus for the gasconade I think I need
A clitoris synonym to masquerade make believe
That you adore us with the word brigade, flick butterbeans
So kick back relax, ignore as the cavalcade float upstream

I know you’re out there, when you rant about bragging and shagging
And Arthur pendragon who is now bottom fragging do lagging
Or laughing while you’re smacking acid and macking
On menacing Maddie who has come again to tag all the fatties

And take ‘em down while they chatting with tranquilizers in napkins
And watch they slack jawed drop when they start to notice the blackening
Feel it happening? Who’s asking? The captain, imaging
That tomorrow when you wake up I’ll teach you jibing and tacking

This pot bellied mustache cannot handle autonomy
So please go fuck yourself in the skull with a brain washing lobotomy
Sine waves misbehave, insane deranged cacophony
Stake up and burn the gays, and masturbate to the misogyny

Shock value shock value, something you do not value
Mack about your cock stallion, shrapnel out the box captain
Gallivant around the block, no lotion to jack ‘em off
You fucking suck so knock it off, one thing they will not tell you

Thirds you’ve never heard allured diminished to augmented
Absurdly not perturbed concerning views assumed demented
Presume its from a muse confused from booze and some dementia
Who knew submersed beneath the earth accursed with your amentia

Paradoxic noxic sapience abask stupid sciences
Concocted angry atheists with Christian made appliances
Swallow all the vitamins, disabling enlightenment
I’m only strong enough to wield Abelton and spitefulness
Track Name: Gonna Stop
Gonna Stop
When you gonna stop never, never, never
When you gonna stop never, never, never
When you gonna stop never, never, never
When you gonna stop never, never, never

Turn the fuck up beat’ll drop and shake you bitch
You don’t think I can’t do this stupid party shit

I’ll come in and kill it again
Bitch I don’t even have friends
Everybody want shit from me
Ain’t gon’ get dick from me
You just a bad business man

This ain’t non of your business man
I do shit, you wish you can
Peacocking my feathers, networking to sellers
You out chasin’ bitches again

Feel all them glares, we doubt you
Nobody cares about you
We’ll just boost the sails if the record fails

I could take home your mother but fuck that
I’ll take home your brother butt fuck that
Your rap parachute turned into a napcack
Life could’ve been easy, but fuck that
Everybody’s out and your inside rapping
This is the opposite of what should have happened

Silly rabbit you are stupid
Get a job loser ambition is useless
I’m just confused, how the fuck do I do this
Do you fuck with him, no I don’t
Do you fuck with him, I mean I guess not


Smoke sit back down just to write another verse
Poke that mother fucking brain ‘till it starts giving birth
Ain’t nobody fuck with sad kid bullshit
Grow a fucking sack stop rapping stupid

Doing my reps get immersed in the music
When I drop a bomb disperse and diffuse it
Fuck turn it up, transverse to the musings
Hit a damn curb going skurrt in ya new whip

Michael You’re stupid Nah it’s just a blueprint,
You’re voice so high to my ears it’s abusing
My voice so fly commandeer the acoustics
For a white guy, adhere to the rubric

Dreams feeling lucid, limbs feeling clueless
Film everything, every everything Kubrick
Stare at that paper, haze is a nuisance
Making some paper, praise for the doushes

We’ll just boost the sails if the record fail

Sit secluded don’t think about the future
Who’s the loser, who’s the dope producer
Who’s just minutia, booze used to move ya
You used to Youtube, you could be cooler

Fucking super you throwing up.
Hand’s want movement, throw em up

You gon’ fuck with this boy

still wanna fuck so coat it up
This game need flame so blow it up

You fuck the butt of this boy, come on bro
You gon listen up to this boy, oh oh oh

Track Name: Settle For You
Settle For You
You and I arrive Come on inside
Unlock the door, Look no more
You and I have had a shitty time
But have no one else to send for

No you’re not my first pick and I am not yours
But you don’t have to be perfect to perfectly perform
Don’t give a fuck about me and I won’t give one bout you
You the last one at the party ain’t nobody left to choose

I guess you going through with this I guess I am too,
Wonder how the fuck I ended up here with you
Take another loser bitch tell myself It’s the booze
I swear that

One day I’m gon’ have a real nice car, a girl, a pad
But for now I don’t want to be all alone again so I’ll
Settle for you

You and I decide to say goodbye
Cause why wait for the sunrise
You and I have had a shitty time
But now can brag to our friends like

Yo I met this dope chick dancing in the club
You was all up on me moving you was all up having fun
Shit got real intense yea this shit felt like love
In reality I didn’t even know who you was

But they don’t gotta know about that we don’t gotta lose
Wonder how the fuck I ended up here with you
Take another loser bitch tell myself it’s the booze
I swear that

Track Name: MC Thal
MC Thal
Smacking acid tabs collapsing digits down a litmus test
Distracting lasting fractals fracking deeper than my cigarettes
Can’t eat nothing, do your best, depressed collective 2 abreast
A starving mess, cathartic-less, how many fucking carbs in this.

Piss and peck, disgressionless, confessions seeping out the chest
I’ll squeeze your breast to check, but I don’t think you got no tumors yet
Screw the best and lose your feck, misusing to be lose and wrecked
A noosey text, than lucey sex, confusing musty moving specs

Nother test, dapper lucid masters drop conforming
Stack of crackers cracking under pressure packs another warning
Catheter laughing, distracting jab and draining stag employment
Caps redacting, weekly masking, acrid lasting scab employment

Oh comely phase, considered strange, deranged around conjoinment
Dank de-rank to nova 2 complacent stately poor performance
Out ‘till more, more contorting, past the pictures of abortions
Never have I ever wanted more to just be boring

I’m the only song that you can play on the piano
I’m the only show that you can’t get on any of your channels
I’m the old book you never read but keep up on your mantle
I’m the old hook, you used to know so bitch light a candle (My name is)

MC Mseethal (my name is)
MC Mseethal (my name is)
MC Mseethal (my name is)
MC Mseethal (my name is)

She’s a bit of a basket case, emasculating the master race
Ejaculate at a faster pace, infatuated with acid taste
The plastic kids can mask a face, the plastered kids can masturbate
That jagged kids congratulate, the faggot kids exaggerate

The kids in my cabin are throwing up cakes, I ain’t no role modle, fuck outta my face
They sitting and lurking and smirking I’m swerving at two quick of a pace to step on the breaks
Shake me a weight, get a new fake, the Marries the Janes the Jimmies the Jakes
The rake and the spade, get raped and then laid. Slaving away just to never get paid.

Roaming coughing zoning moaning, Caulfield called me a phonie, lonely
Dog come to the bonie, konied, on the back of the bronies, Homies
Groaning posing slowly droning on about all the smoking, floating
Gone with all of the soaking choking on, and then overdosing, stoning

Brauds without all the groping, closing walls without all the sulking,
Cursing god without all the joking, marathons without all the moping
Loaning clothing, take the whole thing, stop exploding, kind of hoping
He was loading, No disclosing, shut the fuck up, now keep composing

I’m the best cartridge ever popped in your Gameboy
I’m the dope pair of kicks you found and reclaimed boy
I the cataract pressed against your grandma’s eye
I’m the Cadillac hearse they put her in when she dies (my name is)

MC Mseethal (my name is)
MC Mseethal (my name is)
MC Mseethal (my name is)
MC Mseethal (my name is)

(this is the only thing I got, Milkshake)
Track Name: Tell Me
Tell Me
I’m disgusting, rubbing my bunions
Sitting on a couch with a face full of funyuns
Rest of the day, you eat nothing
Boy get running, you’re lean and your cutting

My toes off to fit into my socks
Drop a couple pounds, pick up a couple rocks
Put ‘em in my pockets, hidden like the lockness
Keep ‘em in the gym for five more squats

Never did I stop eating for a couple single
Little whitey tighty brauds with whom I tried to mingle,
More duck faced than a kid with some pringles
I guess he sounding dope for a dumb blond gringo

Check out my lingo, Spanish spitting on Duolingo
Can you count to five, yea one to Cinco,
Demaya mighta light up on the playa like a player
If you trynna get saliva on a crier holler bingo.


Tell me what the fuck you know about hungry

Getting good head from an adult with braces, good gracious
She’s trying not to get any stuck in the braces, good gracious
I feel a little too high to listen to this playlist, maintain homeostasis
All the shit we shooting low key feeling loquacious, maintain homeostasis

Don’t know anyone famous
But if you’re feeling kinda shameless
We could pretend for one night that I’m A-list
Come and sit and listen to my song girl I made this

Just for you
That shit’s so romantic now can we screw
I could say anthing we still gon’ do
Babadabadabada what the fuck you gon’ do

My super hot fire
Tearing it up like a wives vagina
Giving you hives like the bite of a spider
I could freestyle everyline and kill ‘em at the cypher

Cypher cypher, mike ya might just
Be so righteous minus pious
Be the mindless, midlife crisis
Fuck that spineless midwife virus


Probably irreparable I gotta move onward
Not getting invited anymore is kinda awkward
On top of that I had to fucking deal with a stalker
I’m doing fine now, I’m smoking port on the starboard

Sitting in a rocker, need a cognitions doctor
I’m still a damn rocker, they hate you and you lost her
What amends could then be offered, I’m just missing my locker
The all was faulty, wish you’d call me, but honestly why bother

Damn did it again
Everybody fucking shut up he’s going in
Telling stories allegories metaphors like when
The time when we started hooking up again.

And you told your friends
About all of the horrible things I did
I was figuring it out and I think I did
But I’m still sorry ‘bout the way that things ended

Easy to say with a pen
Hide behind a keyboard and write and grin
Say whatever I feel like and Michael wins
Who give a fuck what anybody think and Michael Wins

Keep telling yourself
That you can do it on your own don’t need no help
Record and mix and master all by yourself
And maybe not give one single fuck if I sell

Track Name: Stop Me Now
Stop Me Now
This is the song where I let you bitches know that I’m awesome
Using condescending similes just like Richard Dawkins
Give all you hop heads exactly what you wanted
Show off ya lyrics with your pompous shallow content

I’m honest, but maybe just a tad braggadocios
And If I run outta shit to say I’m hoping that you don’t notice
Fill lines with supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
My precocious magnum opus crossed a line like osmosis

And it’s atrocious, my ambition hooks you in to just listen
My acquisition of your cognition this juxtaposition
Of all these finches shit musicians all my so called competition
Be feeling the malnutrition, this is social Darwinism bitch

I’m madder that a fat dyke, mixed with a Shiite
Mike on the mic, Christ kid, yea I guess you ight
Can’t find my bike, left it somewhere overnight
But I killed it at the cyph, so I’m feeling fucking hype

If you brag enough, show off your stuff
And act all tough, do not grow up
Then they will not call your bluff

Don’t matter what you rap about
Start acting out, get mad and loud
You can’t stop me now.

Verse two, time to introduce some subject matter
Maybe take the time to tell the people why you is a rapper
Why you been chillin’ and camping by yourself in a room on campus
Reducing the use of booze and cutting lose with friends and cannabis

Maybe you be guessing that I just want some attention
Or maybe a life that Ain’t this fun just really ain’t worth living
And maybe, just maybe, I don’t give a fuck about opinions
Maybe All I want is to rest my eyes without these damn carcinogens

Maybe every time I hear a song I think I’d do it better
Maybe if I took the time to find out for myself with this endeavor
Then forever have the please, see whoever’s shit is fresher
So, altogether, I fucking excel where you could never

Two in the pink and then one on the brink of eruption
These vocal flaps and a fat boom bap bring a world of destruction
You’re up kid, why the fuck do you deserve loving
Nut up kid, please commence the screaming and cussing


Kick my shoes off and drag my feet through hell
With the realistic possibility that I could fail
And If I do, I really wonder how I’ll kill myself
Or fuck it, go get a job at taco bell

But I started this shit, no way to go back now,
So even If it fucking kills me, I will get this album out
I’m gonna finish this shit, you’re gonna listen to this shit
And when you see me your gonna tell me that I was killing this shit

Hit the target in an oversaturated market
by being a tad lethargic and a lot a bit retarded
While bombastically bombarding, composing something cathartic
Acting guarded and uncharted all while keeping it lighthearted.

Sometimes I kinda wish I had a god to pray to
Mike you’re in so deep now, only god could save you
But you’re still walking around cursing the God that made you
And you’re feeling so alive, that only god could break you