by Mseethal

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If you couldn't tell... I go to college... and this song is about it..................................


I had to throw out my cargo shorts
had to learn how to talk about sports
write reports on centripetal force
motherfucker you know I'm in...

College, I'm just balling'
watch my friends turn into alcoholics
living in a room smaller than a fucking cottage
who knew life could ever be so fucking awesome.

(Verse 1)
Out of bed at 11, class at 11:15
maybe I can miss one more, it's just astronomy
plus I think I'm already chilling' somewhere around a B
9 hours just ain't enough, so I think that I'll go back to sleep

Dinning hall to eat, stepping over a used condom
to the guy who makes my omelets everyday, you're awesome
food poisoning last week, I think it was the sausage
This place is fucking nasty, I think I'll stick to Ramen

I don't care about your frat, I don't care about your major
don't care how much you drink, without a chaser
I ain't all impressed with your blazer nomenclature
bumping blow while your columella denatures

Internship interment, running out of detergent
determined just to make it to the weekend fervent emergent
ALE is no deterrent they just treat us like vermin
disturbing the current of bourbon we hard-workers deserving

Hey bro, so can I Venmo for the beer?
Sipping brunettes from this flask is fucking bringing me to tears
oh you going to shooters well than maybe we can split an Uber
babe hop on my razor scooter, hold on while steer.

I think my next test is on Tuesday, plus an essay
due the next day, oh my god I can't take
someone get the gateway, stashed in my cashe
smoking with my R.A., too high for a weekday.

Playback error tap to retry
Did you say that college was supposed to be the best years of my life?
Fuck that! I swear I'm gonna peak when I'm eighty
I ain't no premature baby and this is wasting my time


(Verse 2)
Drunk Bitches in the halls, drunk bitches in the halls
cruella cackling in the parking lot, I hear it all
ethanol either ether, fraternity new balance sneakers
natty beakers, bratty seniors, basic shit come out the speakers.

Kids still pissed about some NC bill
and silent Sam is still standing against the coalition's will
The DTH can go to hell someone pissed in the old well.
I drank from it, my grades still fell. Fuck it I said oh well.

Suit-mate's pissing in my bowls, suit-mate's pissing in my bowls
yea you heard me, I said that my suit-mate's pissing in my bowls
this whole getting wasted thing is really kinda getting old
animals with no control, pissing in my goddamn bowls.

earbuds blasting in my ear, don't bother me I'm studying
strutting down to class, pumping Spotify discovering
blowing off work loving it, making beats always muttering
to myself cause at the cipher can't be stuttering

Safe walk, real talk, baked by the blue lights
stage fright Wednesday night, dude wanna get some late night
grilled chicken taste like prison, vixen cooking in the kitchen
bitches bitching, christian women, fucking fuck boys, pay tuition

It ain't that I'm unable to handle the taste
Goddammit when I partake, the handle makes me feel great
It is fun in a way, but I gotta complain, just feeling like it was a mistake
cause when I get out of bed the next day, I can't do shit and I got a headache.


I have been wearing the same pair of briefs for two weeks
This is my last T that is clean.



released May 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Mseethal Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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