Barbra Streisand

by Mseethal

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Lyrics of le song:

(verse 1)
These life choices are piss poor, 10,000 reps gimme 10 more
Did I say battle? I meant war, through that thick skull get it 10-4
What the fuck do you have to fend for, put a pen toward what your friends are for
What are friends for? Send a centaur, I'll rip in in half so send more

(uh), I'mma basilisk, It's tragic bitch, we ain't having kids
It's a magic trick, imagine this, my skill right here, you ain't matching this,
You behavior son, we ain't having this, I'm a savior son, gimme half your shit,
Goddamn you're dumb, and mad as Rick, You've had your fun now ask me this

Who is fucking living, and who is fucking trying
Who tells people what they do, and who is fucking lying
Who can take the fucking hate, and who is suiciding
Who needs a fucking diamond, when you're the one who's shining

Helter Skelter, better seek shelter
Hellen Keller with the pen I'mma smelter
Hamilton with a pen I'mma elder
Here we go again, my friend, I can tell you're
Little bit upset, pet the pussy like a pet,
Then take it to the vet, put that shit down
Nothing to regret, you're nothing but a check
Take that bitch, drop it off at the pound

Bud, fuck all them brah, who don't got it
Goddamn, Goddamn, Barbra Streisand X2

(verse 2)
Go down just to get some groceries, only listening to rhythm and poetry
Too much violent imagery, punch the cashier in them ovaries
Out the door, I'm bolting free, Before anybody can catch me
Cops can't get me hopefully, cause they'll also find my stolen cheese

And my stolen yams and my stolen cans of tuna, and gouda
You ludicrous, I'm not sharing this, not even for that Kush brah
Let's do the math, I've been cutting class, so these goddamn raps better do that
heavy lifting, when it comes to living do whatever the fuck you choose brah

Did my new cut amuse ya, In a basement fucking cooped up
This is goof troop and a full cup of that couscous and some blue stuff
Hey would you like to do lunch, nah brah I gotta do stuff
Whatever suits ya, Its cool brah, I didn’t even wanna screw ya

Take me out like a blooper, I wanna pack a punch my new gun
Double tap that ass, pop pop real fast, till the heads pops off and spews guts
Quick! Revive, Nikoli died, sip Jugger nog run through the
Mob, kill more than Ebola, got speed cola in my cooler

How the hell do I have the nads to publish all this stuff?
Cause I mean it, when I tell you that I just don’t give a fuck
If I couldn’t handle this bullshit, I wouldn’t get up on this pulpit
Spill my heart to the fullest, when you say I suck it fuels this

I wouldn’t put videos up of me always fucking shit
Of freestyles sounding so dumb and nobody showing me love
I wouldn’t make an album, with nobody listening up
Put that shit out to the world if I was giving a fuck

For every cool ass person who adore me, support me
There’s an ex-teacher girlfriend preacher, who’s cringing and abhorred, Gee
You think it woulda crossed my mind while I was making it? Doubt it?
Then why the hell do you feel the need to write a song about it (damn)

So look at my pics in a speedo, while I smoke week by the kilo
Feel free to judge for the people, but my dick you can fucking deep throat
Somewhere along the way I got delusional and sick
You know how big your balls have to be for the world to suck your dick



released January 7, 2017
Mseethal :D



all rights reserved


Mseethal Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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