Come Before Me (feat. Foster Something)

by Mseethal and Foster Something

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Me and a cool cat made a cool track and its super cool.


Poison that you indulge in
tangled in webs so woven
intricate in design
memory just can't describe
these intimate little things
that have such a grip on me
nostalgia for other days
while present's spent in a daze:

Back again from the semester, tabs outta my dresser
sit under my tongue and fester, run all through my blood and pester
my nerves and my lungs, and we'll lay in the sun
I been working to hard lately you're the only person here who doesn't hate me
c'mon hurry please take me
to that special place we knew when we were young

Am I just all the things that have come before me?

past seen as better days
before we were set in ways
that make us feel better always hoping to replay
the images that in your head
of the life that you once lead
how to know you''re in the days
that future you will soon crave

run run get up and run run run
save me if I get stuck in the mud
do you even remember how to have fun
Once in a while

I mean it when I say it's nice to see you
funny, remember How I use to want to be you
I can see past me when I glean through that
Look in your eyes

Am I just all the things that have come before me?

Caught in the constant flow
allowing your brain to soak
in memories far too fine
to grasp in these hands of mine
fuck what you have today
cause all that you have to say
has come to light twice before
for novelty is no more

I can't get up, I'm stuck in the mud
Stuck int the street, back where we grew up
This life in the cut it isn't enough
I'm sorry I'm leaving the world that I love
The world that I need it's up to my knees
The things that I want, you wouldn't believe
I'm Starting to bleed, The LSD
The More I struggle, The more I sink

It's up to my waist, cover my face
I cannot be another disgrace
I will not be another disgrace
Hey I think this shit is laced
Hold my breath, it's up to my chest
It's up to my neck, It's up to my head.

Am I just all the things that have come before me?


released October 23, 2016
written by Mseethal and Foster Something, Produced by Mseethal



all rights reserved


Mseethal Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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