by Mseethal

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(Verse 1)
I slowly get up brush the dirt up off my knees.
And as the fuckers leave I start to breath but feel a wheeze.
Too fast the moment seized but revenge is my disease and until
it comes to god I swear i'll never be appeased, please.

They'll wish they never fucked with me, to this degree,
no peace against the bourgeoisie.
Time to unleash the beast and I will never fucking cease
until I take you down and rid the fucking world of your disease.

You gon' wish you never met me, never upset me, I'm coming after you.
I'll remember, for forever, or whenever we meet again.
There's no way you'll ever escape it's okay, you'll be safe until that fateful day. When I find you. When I find you.

(Verse 2)
So when you fuckers counted me out,
and had no doubt about a failure, just an easy knockout.
You never ever would've foreseen this unexpected turnout,
to finally make me mad enough to fucking get up and shout out loud.

So now I'm hunting you down.
Take every one of you down until you give up the crown
countdown, your time is over every high has a come down,
and I ain't fucking around it's time to take over this town.

Yea, and I may have been picked last
but I bet they never would have guessed that this Caucasian could spit fast and kick ass.
So while you're sitting sipping your six pack
just listen quick me giving the fucking system a bitch slap.

kiss ass, losing always felt like a mismatch
So dispatch, all of my fucking music with this batch
newsflash, white trash be dropping 'em this fast.
I'll put the fucking world in the ground and give you all whiplash.


Do you remember my face?
'cause I remember yours.
I'm taking over this place (your days are over)
Oh that'll be the day, that's the dream I'll chase.



released March 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Mseethal Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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