Short Supply

by Mseethal

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(Verse 1)
The moon is out I guess it's time to turn into an animal.
I'm growing fur and hunt you down and eat you up like Hannibal the cannibal,
hoping that the world is not too flammable
because we gonna set it off tonight like we tyrannical.

But it's understandable, we smoking the botanical
the consequences of having dreams that are intangible.
we young, we dumb, we full of cum like Barry Manilow
A generation proud to be so goddamn imaginable.

guess I'm putting all my dreams on hold tonight
getting fucked up against my judgement despite
trying to hustle because my time finite, its ight, its a plight,
but I guess it's time to start sipping bud light.

It be tight, tell myself that it all be okay.
don't miss out and don't be late to the all you can fuck buffet.
It's payday, music cliche, maybe get laid,
I'm not picky I'll take 'em chocolate or mayonnaise.

We here now but you seem preoccupied.
Just let loose these nights are in short supply.
Grab someone who look fun come on just try.
don't let all the fine gals pass you by.

(Verse 2)
Grab my hand and tug me through the crowd,
Take me out back and bust out the marijuana.
Whisper something in my ear but the music too loud,
pass me the bong please take me to nirvana.

Toke and toke, and tuck and tuck
blow smoke and chock, don't give a single fuck
I swear, there's no such thing as too too much
If we banging hopping I can still get it up.

Guess we doing dabs bitch busted out the blow gun.
Man I never knew a girl like you could be so much fun.
Hey before we ball out. Go home and get your clothes undone,
could you buy a drink for me because I'm under 21?

Oh wait! no comeback, ah damn there she go.
Got to find another hoe, somewhere in this shit show.
But now I'm high, mind fast room spinning slow.
Oh shit, hold up, yo, where did all my friends go?


(Verse 3)
Oh my, is that a little butterfly from Shanghai?
Girls be like skateboarding cause they be giving no comply.
Sorry God commanded be fruitful and multiply
Speaking of which, I think that she be giving the eyes

Nice Surprise, S&M get a little bit tongue tied, cause she be fine.
Quick be college baby soon we all gonna be alumni
If you be my girl tonight I swear to God I'll be your guy
As long as you can shake your ass just like you cooking stir fry.

Damn these ex's gonna be on my hands for months so I think that I'll
go back to the potty and scrub them 'till they gone dry.
Hold up did I finish all my homework for comp sci?
What is this place anyway, and who is DJ text and drive?

Back to the Hill, Back to the chill, oh are people at Chi Psi?
nah but maybe try Sig Chi? denied, nobody goes to AEPI
Oh those gals from Pi Phi in the tie dye, with the nice thighs
and the ADPI with neck tie, fucked that bitch in junior high.



released March 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Mseethal Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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