by Mseethal

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Churr sloots...


Take my limit as it goes to infinity
divergent and it can't be measured like the fucking trinity
Four, Three, Two, One,
bitch stand back, click clack, and smack the divinity.

(Verse I)
Wait, Stop. Shit, start it from the top (fuck)
It's gotta all sound right for all the shit I wanna drop
too picky, kinda shitty, propaganda pushing agitprop
fuck a studio, when I got a laptop

Cold steel, real chilled, don't feel, just kill
Smack you to prove that I'm corporeal
Obstetrician told my mom, "Your baby's fucking ill"
That's why I'm writing rhymes in class, I can't sit still.

I'm a sharecropping, body chopping, plea copping, cap popping
motherfucking crazy son of a bitch and I am not stopping
yelling at this mic 'till I get everybody watching
better lock your damn doors, an insurrection I am plotting.

I fucking drop bombs better buy a flack jacket
and you know I'll take your breath away just like a smoking habit.
You gawk as I rock on the block like 2pac and bunny rabbit
people calling me out at parties for fucking saying faggot.

(Hook I)
What the fuck is Churr?
This kid is disturbed
Crazy what you heard
but I never cared.

(Verse II)
Chill fades, Get swayed, rise into a frenzy
Bitch if you be grading this than bring it on, test me
Library book I is, out fucker check me
sadistically artistically, benzene your Bentley

A taste of vulgarity, a touch of sincerity
propensity for intensity, and unequivocal heresy
like triple the sixes, astro the physics Oh my God
Who even is this, None of your business (oh wait, yea it is,) Bitch!

The heretic, declare the shit, that I may spit, beware of it,
be scared of it, he nailing it, compare the shit, just stare at it,
he move to quick, for you to hit, you proofing shit, he proving shit,
producing shit, a student spit, introduce you to the Übermensch.

Bands on Bands, Racks on Racks, Violence like it's blacks on black (whoa man)
He don't think that he be gay but maybe he'll climax on max.
No confusion not diluting just be stating facts on facts
comebacks on back and on yik yak be making them syntax attacks.

All these kids around me only care 'bout making stacks on stacks.
while I'm trynna be clever and complain about Jessie Jacks-
on and pickin fights with greats like, "how he gonna eject ajax?"
out of Greece, grab his face and smash it through the Plexiglass

Brain scary, thoughts blurry
the shit I think about on a regular basis scares me
but if I can make it rhyme, rhythmically blurting
people be like, "what you trynna listen to?" Churr please!

Nourishing, therapeutic muted acoustic flirting
If I take a stab at the pen and the pad, maybe I'll start flourishing
If nobody can spare an ear I fear I start discouraging
delusion, and false conclusion, with you I am flirting

Like hi! I closed my eyes, to sleep to go I tried
but you made me reconsider if I wanted to be alive
All I ever wanted was to just sit outside
sippin' freeze pops good vibes, who knew I had a dark side.

(Hook II)
What the fuck is Churr?
This kid is disturbed
Crazy what you heard
but I never cared.

You know they just words,
offense that's absurd,
feelings freshly stirred
I'm just a bastard

(Verse III)
3 am, fuck I think I stayed up late another night
roommate asleep, it's dark in here except for my computer light
but I think I wasted it, I couldn't bring myself to write
I'm get pissed off, what am I doing with my life.

Like why you dreaming of whipping stadiums in your cranium
and dropping bombs like uranium
you ain't even got the fucking atrium to whip a gymnasium
only rapping to yourself, and it's starting to make you feel like an alien

your grades are dropping and your classes, fucking failing them
you trynna get the beats poppin' and maybe start unveiling them
these mountains that you facing well you better start scaling 'em
and anybody in your way you better start impaling them.

So here goes nothing finally put my pen to the pad
so you can run and tell your mother, brother, sister, and your dad
(what?) that S&M is bustin' writing rapping working undergrad
I think I need to go to bed but bitch I want it so bad!

(Hook III)
What the fuck is Churr?
This kid is disturbed
Crazy what you heard
but I never cared.

You know they just words,
offense that's absurd,
feelings freshly stirred
I'm just a bastard


released April 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Mseethal Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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